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kids to adults perform a live stage delivery utilizing

Music, Lyrics & Motion

presented by

Sheba Productions and allowing the audience to use their





SHEBA PRODUCTIONS (SP) is an organization designed to educate and promote fashion, music and theatrical awareness. SP has been in business since 1981 writing scripts which project bold and innovative thinking for fund raisers, special events, theatrical or fashion presentations. Producing effective shows nationally and internationally that guarantee to generate in its most prestigious audiences a feeling of being let in on the newest and most important developments in the world of fashion and entertainment.

Sheba Productions has been assisting government agencies; health organizations and patients; schools; individuals in need; nonprofits and private industry for a few decades. Aunnyx International formerly known

as Sheva Entertainment is the marketing division that oversees the business affairs of Sheba Productions. 

SP now produces the Annual "Youth in the Arts Day" workshops geared towards ages 5 to young adults. The workshops and fund raiser event ends with the staged musical and theatrical production, “IMAGINE”. 

The activities feature instructors and various artists as well as performers from Sheba Productions, 855 Music Group and Pin Points Inc.,who are all teaming up to not only help train, encourage, uplift and empower the youth.


MAY 26, 2010

SHEBA PRODUCTIONS booked and arranged Background Vocals for Celebrity Recording Artist & Music Producer, EHSAN AMAN with the

855 MUSIC GROUP at BGIDI Studios in Wash., DC

Some of our most recent productions and participation were with the 2009 Thrillspy Film Festival Gala, the 2007 South Plymouth Avenue Business Association Scholarship fund raiser in Rochester, NY, the 2004 Ethiopian AIDS Awareness Benefit presented by FAHA, a nonprofit foundation working to control HIV/AIDS through testing, treatment, education and counseling in Ethiopia and other countries in the developing world additionally in 2004 we produced a fund raiser for Wings of Angels Inc. a nonprofit organization dedicated to servicing victims of domestic violence and women transitioning from welfare to the workplace along with their families.

Fantasy Photo Op at the 2009 Thrillspy Gala

Model, LaLa sponsored by Aunnyx

"THRILLSPY" Film Festival Gala

event produced and directed by Sheba Brown 2009

"The Best of Sheba" Theatrical Fashion Production

produced & directed by Sheba Brown in 1981

Capital Plaza Shopping Center Show

co-produced & choreographed by Sheba Brown 1989

"MASQUERADE" the Ball of the Year fund raisers for Betty Ford Comprehensive Breast Cancer Foundation, Health Is the Answer, Inc., Charlie's Place & Leukemia Survivor

produced by Sheba Productions annually 1997 - 2001

International All-Star Benefit Fashion Show for Potomac Polo Club featuring Black Starr & Frost Jewelery

choreographed, produced & directed by Sheba Productions 1989

"It Must Be Love" theatrical wedding benefit show for American Heart Assoc. of Southern Maryland

produced & directed by Sheba Productions 1987

Theatrical Fashion & Hair Show for REVLON

produced & directed by Sheba Productions 1992

Theatrical Ethiopian Bridal wear Production & Fundraiser for MiMi DECOR

produced & directed by Sheba Brown 2003

"Red & White Cupid's Delight" Benefit Production for American Heart Association

produced & directed by Sheba Productions 1982

“Salute to Black Olympians” benefit held by American Visions Magazine

hosts & hostesses coordinated and provided by Sheba Productions

“Salute to Black Olympians” benefit held by American Visions Magazine

hosts & hostesses coordinated and provided by Sheba Productions

PENN STATION Shopping Center Anniversary Show

entertainment and show produced / provided by Sheba Productions

XMAS Promotion for Penn Station Shopping Center

Santa Claus provided by Sheba Productions

"DESTINY" Egyptian theme fashion & entertainment show for WINGS OF ANGELS, INC

Sheba Brown Executive Event Director & Show Producer

Venus International Swimwear Competition hosted by Zanzibar on the Waterfront

Sheba Brown as Event Director & Show Producer Preliminary, Semi-finals and Final stage production 2002

"FIGHT NIGHT" Annual Boxing Event

Hostesses provided by Sheba Productions 2003 Fundraiser

"UNITED WE STAND JAM" Fundraiser at the Super Bowl for the Black Firefighters of 911 with host Music Producer Jermaine Dupree in New Orleans

Sheba Brown as Production Assistant for Whitaker and Associates 2002

My Little Angels school community clothing drive in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

distribution assisted by Sheba Brown

greeting the receiving families at the MLA school community clothing drive

Veronica's Story Foundation scholarship recipient from My Little Angels School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Sheba Productions represented MLA in the USA to acquire funding & scholarship donors 2005-2010

Rod Strickland's "Funky Black Tie Gala"

Sheba as On-Camera Co-Host with Actress, Tischina Arnold

Rod Strickland Comedy Night Fundraiser

Sheba Productions Booked Stage Hostesses for Comedy Night featuring Comedians Joe Tory & Chocolate

Halloween Promotion for VA Shopping Center

Costumed Characters provided by Sheba Productions


MASQUERADE" the Ball of the Year fund raisers for

Betty Ford Comprehensive Breast Cancer Foundation

Health Is the Answer, Inc.

Charlie's Place & Leukemia Survivor

Produced by Sheba Brown

SHEBA BROWN as guest and interviewed

on the Pro Tuesdays Oct. 1999

sharing info about the entertainment industry

in Q & A with radio listeners

Segment for Radio One's MAGIC 102.3


featuring TC AND Las Vegas Comedy Headliner